About Me

Welcome to my site and my work. I’m Mike and I’m deeply passionate and excited about what I do and about sharing it with you.

I guide and teach people how to communicate – how to communicate more effectively, authentically and compassionately

This leads to more loving, more honest and more trust-based relationships. 

And when our relationships are more loving, honest and based on trust, we experience more joy, more safety and more freedom in our lives. 

When I say relationships I am of course also referring to our relationship with ourselves

Perhaps the relationship that is most in need of healing is the one we have with ourselves.

What drives my work?

I want to live in a world where honesty is the currency of communication. 

Where we are able to connect with ourselves with a growing clarity and fully express ourselves while being grounded in a sense of safety

I want to be able to listen to another person without abandoning myself. While they speak I am listening to them while also honouring what arises me. 

As I connect with myself, I am more able to connect with them. 

This is what drives me. A place where connection with our truth is the norm and revealing our truths with the world is our gift, to others and to ourselves. 

This to me is home. This is safety. This is my tribe. This is my belonging

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Nonviolent communication or NVC, is what I use to teach communication and in my work with individuals. 

On one hand nonviolent communication (NVC) is a way to connect with ourselves.

It’s a lamp that we take into ourselves that lights up those dark or murky places. 

A light that can help us understand what the*(#&@ is going on inside of us. 

A map that we can follow to open places in ourselves that we might never have known existed. 

Places of deep beauty, deep tenderness, deep compassion and deep hurt

On the other hand NVC is a guide for communicating with others. It is a way to navigate the often overwhelmingly challenging field of relationships. 

It can help us hear another person like we’ve never heard them before. As if we are meeting them for the first time and we think to ourselves ‘how have I missed you for so many years? How haven’t I seen you?’

It can cause the heart to well up with joy and gratitude at the exchange that is possible for us to share with one another. 

It’s a practical set of tools we can employ in those everyday conversations that we just wish would be a little easier. 

Here are my offerings:

My Current Offerings:

One-on-One Sessions

Together we go on a journey.

Gently we begin to uncover what is truly alive for you. Thoughts, including those that you’ve never let yourself really express, feelings, including those that you are ashamed to say you have and your deepest yearnings in this life, your deepest needs.

We make space for all that is alive in you to receive expression. We get to really meet you, in all of your colours.

It’s a journey of increased compassion and connection with yourself, of growing self understanding. This growing self-connection will begin to guide you in life, in your relationships, in your work, in your home. 

Sessions are in Israel or on Zoom, in English or Hebrew.

Contact me to learn more: whatsapp, contact@mikekorman.com or +972 52883 5156

Couples Sessions

For couples or you and someone else significant in your life.

Together we create a space of deep honesty where what really wants to be said can be said safely and where we can hold together the feelings and pains that arise.

My focus is on the creation of a tender environment where we learn to really see ourselves and what is often behind our words and actions that we know are not serving the relationship as we’d truly like.

We make space for the feelings that you’ve carried, perhaps for years, that haven’t been expressed.

Yes, including those that you are afraid of sharing. And we together begin to see the deeper yearnings that exist in both of you and the pain from years of these needs not being met as you’d so wish for.

Inevitably a tenderness arises between the couple and a sense of real communication happens. It doesn’t last forever, there is no magic pill (trust me, I’ve looked), yet it grows over time. Cracks begin to form in the previously hardened ways of communicating and these widen and increase and allow for a new way of communicating to grow.

You begin to see yourselves and one another with new eyes.

This is the ground upon which you can build a relationship that is a safe and loving space for you both to live and grow as authentically you.

Sessions are in Israel or on Zoom, in English or Hebrew.

Contact me to learn more: whatsapp, contact@mikekorman.com or +972 52883 5156

Online Courses

I teach courses on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and communication and relationships in general.

My courses are small group sized, intimate settings where we delicately and directly journey into ourselves while being supported by one another and the group.

My courses are very hands on and experiential. We learn tools by playing with them in a safe space.

Click here to view my courses.

5 Steps to Healthier Communication in your Relationships

Experience less tension and more peace in your relationships. Based on Nonviolent Communication.

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