the courage to communicate vulnerably

How to enliven, enjoy and compassionify our communication with others and ourselves.

31 January – 7 March 2022 (online)

I believe that the way most people communicate is not very vulnerably, honestly nor compassionately.

I believe that much of our communication creates distance between us and the other person, more than it creates connection and understanding. This saddens me.

We’re not guilty of anything. We communicate in ways that we’ve learned from the world, and it can be very difficult and even frightening to create new communication habits.

But it’s possible.

We can learn to communicate more authentically, more expressively and more compassionately. We can create more enjoyable, more enlivened and more caring relationships by making changes to the way we talk and listen to each other. 

This is true, no matter who the other person is, including ourselves. 

In most of our communication we speak too quickly to really hear what is being said. When we can slow down enough to really hear what is going on, both in the other person and in ourselves, then we begin to create understanding and connection. 

And from a place of understanding and connection our relationships can flourish; they flow more and are more harmonious. Conflicts are avoided or when they arise are dissolved more effortlessly. And we can experience more peace of mind in our everyday lives and interactions. 

I’m Mike Korman and this is my course on vulnerable communication to compassionify our relationships.


January 31st – March 7th 2022 (online)

Mondays 10am-12pm (Tel Aviv) / 7-9pm (Melbourne) 

Dates: 31/1, 7/2, 14/2, 21/2, 28/2, 7/3


Some of the topics we will cover in the course:

  • Communicate better with ourselves and others so we can understand and be understood.
  • Learn how to practise nonviolent communication in your most important relationships.
  • Speak our truth in a clear, powerful way more likely to lead to harmony than conflict
  • How to work with judgmental thinking (towards yourself and others)
  • How to remain in a compassionate headspace to others when they are talking, even if they are expressing things that are hard for us to hear.
  • Prevent and resolve misunderstandings and conflicts
  • How to stand up for your needs (e.g. say “no”) while also taking the other person into account
  • How to apply these skills in challenging situations and with challenging people

Is this a Nonviolent Communication (NVC) course?

This is not a Nonviolent Communication  (NVC) Course, yet it is strongly based on NVC.

Nonviolent Communication is a way of communicating and relating to one another that promotes a high quality of connection out of which people naturally enjoy contributing to one another’s well-being. 

In other words, NVC helps us foster relationships which are based on understanding and co-opeation. 

Much of what we will learn comes from the world of Nonviolent Communication and includes other elements of my training and passion in mindfulness and coach therapy. 

Who is ideal to take this course?


This course is for anyone interested in creating connection with others, and themselves, through the way they communicate.

People who tend to be drawn to this course have usually done some work on themselves and their relationships in one form or another.

This course is also suitable for those looking for a first or second taste of Nonviolent Communication. Maybe you’ve heard about NVC or read a book on it and would now like to actually experience it. 

Group setting

This is a small group course where we will all be supporting one another’s learning and sharing. The course will invite us, as much as feels comfortable and safe, to work on examples from our own lives. We will practice these skills through demonstrations, role-plays and exercises so that we can more easily integrate them into our daily lives.

Materials Provided

  • A Zoom recording of the session to view (not for download and password protected), available for 8 weeks after the course is over.
  • Course notes

** There is no required reading for the course. Here is a link to Marshall Rosenberg (founder of NVC) book


The course will take place online from January 31st – March 7th 2022

Mondays 10am-12pm (Tel Aviv) / 7-9pm (Melbourne)

Dates: 31/1, 7/2, 14/2, 21/2, 28/2, 7/3


The cost is a choice between the following scale:

$220-$300 AUD or ₪550-850 Israeli Shekels

The choice of how much to pay depends on your income and free will. The idea behind a sliding scale is that we all have different current financial situations, and I like to acknowledge this by giving you the choice to pay an amount that fits your financial situation as well as the value you feel you derived from the course.


  • Please read the terms and conditions to understand more about pre-payments, refunds, cancellations etc. (Many of us never read ‘Terms & Conditions’… I’ve created this one to be brief, clear and to share my reasons why I’ve decided on such terms)

  • Click here or the button below to pay the prepayment of 150 Israeli Shekels by credit card (~40€ or $70AUD). After which you will be redirected to fill in a registration form.


To learn more please email me contact@mikekorman.com or on whatsapp +972 528835156 (click to open a whatsapp chat with me).

A bit about me…

My training is in Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness. I studied coach therapy with certified NVC trainer Arnina Kashtan. Coach Therapy is a form of therapy for using NVC to encourage healing, self-growth and transformation. I work with individuals and couples. I continue to study and expand my NVC knowledge. It is an unending journey that has enriched my life and continues to bring me back to myself, back home.

If you’d like to learn more about me and get a sense of my work and style I suggest checking out the blog or my instagram page

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