Compassionate communication *

Authentic, heart-based communication for healthier relationships.

* Based on Nonviolent Communication

How does the way you communicate affect your relationships?


How about the way you communicate with yourself?


If you could improve your communication, how might that improve your life?

Learn to communicate compassionately

A 6-part online workshop based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

For me, communication affects the quality of my relationships more than any other factor. 

When I’m able to communicate compassionately – authentically and caringly – my relationships feel more effortless and harmonious and I tend to enjoy them more. 

Both with the people I work with and in my own relationships I see how quickly tension and pain can arise between people. I see how habitual it is for us to judge one another, to complain about the other and to demand that the other person change in some way. And I see how this type of communication creates tension, pain and ultimately resentment which can break up the relationship. 

I also see people who are lost as to whether there is another way to communicate. A way which brings about trust instead of tension. A way which feels more caring and yet still feels honest. 

In my experience compassionate communication (based on Nonviolent Communication) helps us communicate in such a way.

When we communicate compassionately we express ourselves authentically, taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and needs (and not blaming them on others) and we listen curiously and, at times, courageously to the other person while attempting to hear what feelings and needs exist in them underneath their words.

Compassionate communication is for those who are called to communicate more honestly, more courageously and with more care, both for themselves and for the other person.

Benefits of learning NVC?

  • Feeling more empowered in your communication – in the way you choose to speak and listen and therefore in the connection you are able to create with another person
  • Deeper levels of self awareness – what is really motivating you? What is really going on inside of you? – leading to more self compassion and the ability to live more authentically as yourself in the world.
  • Healthier relationships – when communication is focussed more on honestly expressing feelings and needs it tends to lead to more trust in the relationship. How important is trust in a relationship to you?
  • More of a sense of freedom in your communication and less of a sense of obligation – NVC gives us the safety and skills to say a compassionate and powerful “no” when things aren’t right for us. We can set boundaries which are in tune with our needs.

Course Topics

  • Communicate better with ourselves and others so we can understand and be understood.
  • Learn how to practise nonviolent communication in your most important relationships (including in the workplace).
  • Speak our truth in a clear, powerful way more likely to lead to harmony and reduce conflict
  • How to work with judgmental thinking (towards yourself and others)
  • How to remain in a compassionate headspace to others even when they are expressing things that are hard for us to hear.
  • Prevent and resolve misunderstandings and conflicts
  • How to stand up for your needs (e.g. say “no”) while also taking the other person into account
  • How to apply these skills in challenging situations and with challenging people


May 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th and June 12th (no session June 5th)
Sundays 11am-1:00pm (Chicago) / 7pm-9:00pm (Israel)

COST = $250 USD



  1. Read the terms and conditions to understand more about refunds, cancellations etc. (Many of us never read ‘Terms & Conditions’… I’ve created this one to be brief, clear and to share my reasons why I’ve decided on such terms)
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Group setting

This is a small group course where we will all be supporting one another’s learning and sharing. The course will invite us, as much as feels comfortable and safe, to work on examples from our own lives. We will practice these skills through demonstrations, role-plays and exercises so that we can more easily integrate them into our daily lives.

Materials Provided

  • A Zoom recording of the session to view (not for download and password protected), available for 8 weeks after the course is over.
  • Course notes

** There is no required reading for the course. Here is a link to Marshall Rosenberg (founder of NVC) book


This course was insightful, practical and experiential. Mike did an amazing job not only as a facilitator and trainer, but models what NVC is about through his listening, actions and words. I wish I had attended this training 2 years prior, it would have been a game changer in my previous relationship.


This course provided me with tangible skills to support myself and my partner through a really challenging patch. Mike’s teaching style is so welcoming which creates space for participants to communicate vulnerably. Practicing NVC in a group setting is incredibly rewarding as you get to hear and share with others who are also interested in opening up. The whole process just feels inspiring – a regular highlight of my week!


I’ve been wanting to work on how I communicate and relate to other people for a long time. It was nice to have a framework to help break down effective communication into smaller parts. I enjoyed thinking about my needs and how when I’m feeling a negative emotion it’s often because a need isn’t being met. I loved sharing what’s alive in me – being honest and authentic. I felt very empowered when I did this.



To learn more please email me contact@mikekorman.com or on whatsapp +972 528835156 (click to open a whatsapp chat with me).

About me

I am a coach and teacher of Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication. I guide individuals and couples and also teach workshops privately and in organisations. Beyond Nonviolent Communication my passions are in men’s work and consciousness work. I enjoy hiking up steep hills in nature, sitting around a campfire talking with friends and playing frisbee on the beach as the sun goes down. I live in a small village in Israel. I continue to study and expand my NVC knowledge. It is an unending journey that has enriched my life and continues to bring me back to myself, back home.

If you’d like to learn more about me and get a sense of my work and style I suggest checking out the blog or my instagram page

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