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Nonviolent Communication can help you:

  • Feel more comfortable in how you communicate
  • Feel more confident asserting yourself
  • Find more compassion towards others and yourself
  • Be more effective at diffusing conflicts and creative problem solving
  • Enjoy more harmonious relationships

About Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

NVC is widely used all around the globe as a tool for communication, conflict resolution, mediation, coaching and self-development.

NVC is successfully used in organizations, teams, businesses, politics, prisons, schools, families and relationships in millions of everyday life situations.

** For those interested in learning more about Nonviolent Communication Here is a link to Marshall Rosenberg’s (founder of NVC) book

A bit about me…

I’m Mike Korman, a teacher and therapist trained in nonviolent communication and mindfulness, living in Israel. I teach Nonviolent communication and also work as a coach therapist with individuals and couples.

For further reading check out my blog or instagram page.

5 Steps to Healthier Communication in your Relationships

Experience less tension and more peace in your relationships. Based on Nonviolent Communication.

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